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This Weeks Post Gets Filthy

Hi All,

Sorry for the late post. Had to take Mrs. Librarians Kid to the Hospital last night. Thankfully all is well with Her, So on with the post. As the tittle says this week we get a little filthy. Now before I go on, get your mind out of the gutter. We all have seen the used car salesman that seems so slimy he almost skates when he walks. Have you ever thought about his past? What did he do to end up here? Was He always this way? Or was he somebody who had everything going his way and then some tragic accident caused him to end up here? Filthy Rich the Vertigo Crime Novel by Brian Azzarello looks into the life of Richard “Junk” Junkin an ex-football star whose career was cut short by injury. Now forced to sell cars, which he’s not good at. This leads his boss to give him a new job, as his socialite daughter’s security guard. This all leads to sex, lies, and murder. Brian Azzarello’s words weave a tale of mystery that will grab you and make you turn pages. Victor Santos does the artwork that ties the words to the page. And he does a great job. Vertigo Crime has another winner here. Go pick this up.