this week’s reading – last week May 2007

Off this weeks pile…
JSA Classified #26
DCWildcat discovers a betting ring that is operating across the country taking bets on Superhero/Supervilian battles. Frank Tieri wrote some really fun flashback stuff and the art work by Matt Haley is nicely done and fits the story well. Wildcat has been a favorite of mine since I first read one of his appearances in Brave and The Bold way back when, and this story treats the charecter with the respect we deserves.

Countdown # 48

I loved 52, and I’m loving Countdown. Dc has once again made me excited about another comic. In the last few years I am feeling the buzz I had as a kid and I’m loving it. This really does feel like the major event it is and I’m really enjoying seeing it unfold. I love all the clues being dropped and trying to guess what’s coming. This is really written with DC’s true fans in mind.
Keep It coming!

52 Volume 1 Trade collection.

Even more fun the second time around. Plus now knowing how it ends I’m picking up things in the second reading that really add to the enjoyment.
Some one at DC should get a raise for this idea.

Justice Society Of America #6

I am loving this crossover event. There are rumblings on the web with some complaints, but I have none.Geoff Johns obvously loves these characters and is doing a great job. The art from Dale Eaglesham is also great. I love seeing this version of the Legion and hope that this Multiverse reboot shkes them back into play. I like the current series fine, but this is the Legion I grew up with and I miss them. This whole crossover is well done and really in the tradition of the JLA and JSA crossovers. I can’t wait to read it all together in one sitting

Teen Titans #47

Another funeral, this time for a mnor character that I never really got to worked up about. However it does lead to some great interaction among the original Titans and the new ones. I also love Robin and Nightwing going after Jason Todd. Parts of the story are a little vague, but it’s all good. Things will become clear as the story unfolds here and in Countdown. This will stay on my pull list.

Action #850
Oversize issue using Supergirl peering into the past to retell Superman’s history. Entertaining as hell and nice artwork. I won’t guess what parts will be the “True Histroy” just yet as we have all sorts of things plying out and it’s even said that part may be from the multiverse. That’s cool with me, because this is just a really nice Superman story and as a long time fan I quite enjoyed it.

Wolverine #54

More Sabertooth Vs. Logan. More secrets revealed and alluded to and yet more mystery needing to be solved. This story arc is good but it feels a bit long winded. It will probably read better in the trade. I do like the art by Bianchi.

Iron Man Hypervelocity #5 of 6

Picked this up out of curiousity. The art is ok, though feels a little to computer generated. However I really don’t feel compelled to read any more. I just don’t understand the whole Revisiting Tony Stark’s past thing anymore.

Illuminati # 3 of 5

Bendis is inserting this new team of his into past story lines and truthfully it feels like he ddin’t really read the original stories. I think a quick re-read of Secret Wars would have helped out here. He has retconned the Byonder and it seems pretty silly.
So once again with another Marvel title, Weak writing, decent art (Jim Cheung)

World War Hulk Prologue 1

So far, I’m still interestedgood art and intriguing stroy. As long as it doesn’t become another Cival War I’m in.

Amazons Atack #2

I’m a bit tired of Circe being the Villain all the time, shes overused. I also think this might have looke dbetter as an idea than it actually plays out. I am however liking the art and I’m enjoying it enough to keep reading. I’ll buy the next one, though I am having a little trouble with the premise. I will as that Pete Woods is a great artist.

Gutsville #1
Very strange idea. And I mean VERY STRANGE!
Puritans trapped in a giant sea creature’s stomach form a community with in the belly of the beast. I’m definitly going to read more. Really cool stylish art from Frazer Irving to go with the unique idea from Simon Spurrier.

DC reamins my favorite as this seems to show, but there are still a few Marvel titles I like. But DC really just seems to write comics that are fun to read.
That’s all for this week’s pile.