THOSE WHO KILL: Promo for upcoming A&E series

Here is the first promo for THOSE WHO KILL, the forthcoming TV Series from A&E about a detective and a profiler hunting for serial killers.

The new series centers on Catherine Jensen, (Chloë Sevigny) a freshly minted and incredibly smart police detective who tracks down serial killers. Jensen is also attempting to come to terms with her past by continuing to investigate her stepfather, whom she suspects may be a serial killer, and her brother who went Missing as a sixteen-year-old.

Jensen enlists the help of Thomas Schaffer (James D’Arcy), a forensic psychiatrist, to help her get into the minds of serial killers, all the while luring Schaffer into her own personal investigation. Both characters possess a deep psychological understanding that connects them to the killers’ victims and to the killers themselves.