Thoughts on Castle.

Nathan Fillion has been a regular on numerous television shows. Some good, some less than stellar.

But Castle appears to have the potential to make him a star.

In Castle, Fillion plays Rick Castle, a “bad boy” crime writer whose life is turned upside down when somebody uses the murders from his books in real life. He is brought on as a consultant for the police (much to the frustration of detective Kate Beckett) and actually plays a role in solving the crime.

I was pretty impressed by the pilot. Not that the story was exceptional, it was not, but the potential of the characters is immense. Nathan’s Castle is likeable as well as annoying. A charming guy that knows he is charming and uses it to get his way.

But the rest of the cast does a fine job as well. Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett certainly is hard-edged, but has her spicy moments as well. When it looks like their time together is over, Castle attempts to pick her up. When it fails, he tells her it could have been great.

Her response? She whispers “You have no idea” into his ear.

Is it hot in here?

As I said, the pilot’s story was hardly original and the charm of the show is in the cast. I hope the writers step up and deliver more than just fun lines or Castle could get old very quickly.

That said, the show has real potential.
I certainly am looking forward to episode two.

Castle airs, on ABC, on Mondays at 9 CST.