Three added to DELTA BLUES.

THR has announced three additions to Jason Lee’s upcoming TNT pilot DELTA BLUES. Abraham Benrubi, Celia Weston and DJ Qualls has come on board.

Abraham Benrubi is best known, to me at least, for playing Jerry on ER and Larry on PARKER LEWIS CAN’T LOSE. He is playing Sgt. J.C. Lightfoot, a cop that is 1/8 Indian and has embraced his heritage, acting as a sort of wise man for the rest of the police force.

Celia Weston has done three dozen films as well as having been a semi-regular on ALICE (70/80s sitcom about a single mother that works in a diner…Kiss My Grits ring a bell?). No word on who she is playing, but her age is right for the role of Dwight (Jason Lee)’s mother.

Qualls will be playing a cop for whom Dwight is a mentor. This makes me more than a little sad. I want to see this show and his addition certainly dampens my enthusiasm. I have trouble seeing him as a legit human, much less a cop. Maybe he will prove me totally wrong, but this is the guy that did THE NEW GUY and DELTA FARCE. He will be playing

For those that are not familiar with the premise of DELTA BLUES, Dwight Hendricks, an excellent Memphis cop that moonlights as an Elvis impersonator and lives with his mother.