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Tie In Comics

Wildstorm Comics, an imprint of DC has a number of really cool tie in comics.

New to the list are X-Files and Fringe.

The X-Files is set around the third season or so, back when the show was really fun.
The comics are written by X-Files veteran Frank Spotnitz and drawn by Brian Denham. So far it looks like a 7 issue mini series but I’m hoping for a regular series to come from this. The comics so far aren’t flooded with the conpiracies which sometimes dominated the TV show, but rather the cases seem to stand on thier own. It’s nice to not have to know or remeber all the back story. And because of involvment and approval from Chris Carter not to mention Spotnitz writing it the characters are done perfectly.
The art is also spot on for this title, creepy, moody and nicley muted colors. If you like the show, you’ll love these comics.

Wildstorm is also doing a mini series basedon the new show FRINGE.
Another creepy comic with strange happenings. Scientists being abducted, secret groups of people looking for something, and no one seems trust worthy. Another liscensed comic it has approval of the show’s creators.
Its a side story spun out of the show and deals with the science on the fringe and combines elements of science fiction with horror and perfect suspense.

Wildstorm does a number of other tie in also including Resident Evil.

These comics are good reading for fans of the shows and fans of comics even if you’ve not seen the shows.