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Timm’s batch part two

Time once again for this weeks new comic reviews. So let’s dive right in.

52 Aftermath-The Four Horsemen- DC comics

What do you do if the Four Horsemen of the Apokolips show up to destroy all of humanity? Hope that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are around to save the day. But what happens when the three who are sent to save mankind become the very embodiment of the horsemen? And who is Doctor Cale and what’s this new technology she is developing?

I guess you will have to read 52 Aftermath The Four Horsemen. Keith Giffen writes an absolutely astounding account of how the four horsemen never left earth after Black Adam supposedly destroyed them. By inhabiting human bodies they attempt to bring the planet Apokolips to earth.

The artwork of Pat Olliffe really sets off the text and brings the story to life. Each chapter focuses on the horsemen trying to destroy an individual superhero. This builds into an all out war between the human race and the four horsemen.

This graphic novel has it all greed, action,robots, and an army of zombies bent on bringing hell back to earth. pick this one up, you won’t be sorry.

Booster Gold – 52 Pick Up – DC Comics

Just like the cover reads “The greatest hero you’ve never heard of.” This Trade was one I would have never even thought to pick up. However Jon said “I’m giving this to you to see what you think of it.” I’m glad he did.

Who is behind the intended assassinations of the greatest superheroes of all time? How does this person or persons know exactly when to strike? And probably the most important question of all who will save these superheroes when even they don’t know they need saving? You guessed it Booster Gold. Follow along as he saves the Justice League’s finest from a fate worse than death, nonexistence. All the while playing the fool who turned down the Justice League’s invitation for admittance.

The artwork of Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund is bright and well planned with just enough blood and dirt to hold a readers attention. All the while the writings of Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz seem to flow between the past, present and future almost flawlessly. Check this one out, you’ll be glad you finally heard of Booster Gold.

Justice Society of America – Thy Kingdom Come part one – DC Comics

Geoff Johns truly knows how to write. He has fantastic word imagery and a style that is extremely unique. I really enjoyed the commentary and use of third person description to spin this tale. The artwork is totally Alex Ross. He has taken the art of graphic novels to a whole new level. His paintings grace the cover and most of the inside of this trade. This guy rocks!

This trade focuses on the Society bringing in new recruits. Each chapter explains a little bit about some of the veteran members and the new members coming to terms with their powers. However, some questions still have to be answered. How did Superman come to be in this Universe after dying in this world? Why is Power Girl being so reluctant to except his return? And what are the veteran members going to do about all this?

If I had to pick one thing about this trade that really stands out to me. (Ok, besides the artwork.) It would have to be that there is a cast of characters with a wonderful background into each of the justice society members. Pick this one up, it’s also a hardcover which make it a little easier to pick out at your local graphic novel establishment or regular bookstore.