Timm’s First Batch for June

Here’s another batch of trades for you to check out.

Batman Vs Twoface
DC Comics

This graphic novel chronicles the epic saga of Batman and his friend turned arch-rival Two-face. The trade is broken down into two main sections, the classic chronicles and the the modern masterpieces. Long time readers of the Dark Knight will recognize Two-face and his ever present two-faced coin with which all his decisions are made.

Harvey Kent (later changed to Dent.) the star district attorney for Gotham City has it all. The Job, the girl, and Batman as his friend. However all that changes the day Boss Moroni throws acid in Harvey’s face forever scaring him and sending his mind into a split personality that are complete opposites. Both the classics and the modern comics covered in this trade chronicle the story of Two-face’s origin’s and his love-hate relationship with Batman.

The early writers who introduced us to Two-face where Bill Finger, the first to use him. Other writers Don Cameron and David Vern soon followed suit and let me just say they knew a good character who would stand the test of time. The early artists included Jerry Robinson and Dick Sprang. They really knew how to show the now classic comic style.

The modern masterpieces really show the progression of graphic novels. Much darker and even the language usage has changed. Newer writers like Denny O’Neil , Mark Verheiden, Doug Moench, and James Robinson all show how the character of Two-face has evolved into a villain with the occasional conscience. The artwork has evolved as well. Artists the likes of Neil Adams, Pat Broderick, Kelley Jones, and Don Kramer are truly masters of their craft. I highly recommend this to every Batman lover. Twenty flips of the coin all face up!

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheros
DC Comics

Writer Tony Bedard has mastered the art of storytelling. His prose will make feel like you are in the fight. The artwork of Dennis Calero really adds to the visual appeal of the words written on the page. The storyline and images weave an interesting plotline with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster.

Is Cosmic Boy really a war criminal ? Supergirl running the legion? Or is it Brainiac 5 setting everyone up to hi-jack the legion for himself. Each chapter reveals a new story, all revolving around this greater picture. What happen to Cosmic Boy? When will he return? And did he really destroy the entire Dominator race? Which team will find him first? Which team member will not return to the Legion? Pick up this trade and find out the answers for yourself.

When the future depends on these superpowered teens, changes occur and new heroes emerge as leaders. Cosmic boy did end the Dominator war, but at what cost? I know I left you with alot of questions, but if I answered one of these questions you would want more.

Batman the Jokers Last Laugh
DC Comics

Theres an old saying that goes like this “Death always has the last laugh.” Well most times this is true, but that’s all going to change if the Joker has anything to do with it. The Joker finds out that he is dying. From there a plan is schemed to make his last days on this planet the best and most fun moments of his life. While he is unfolding his plan a little bit at a time the Justice League is off the planet helping others. Or are they? While Joker has found solace in creating other super villains “in his image.” Other villains are helping the law? And all this leading up to a final showdown with the Batman. This graphic novel is one to pick up if for no other reason than to see several villains pastee white with big red grins and green hair.

This tale of murder, mayhem and all things nasty are brought to life by the talented and witty writers Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty. These two writers can really deliver… a punch line! Pete Woods, Marcos Martin, Walter McDanial, Andy Kuhn, Ron Randall, and Rick Burchett all lent their pencils to make this one of the standout graphic novels of recent times.

This comic is one you need to own, it has more twists and turns than a hall of mirrors in a fun house. And it reminds us that life is short so have a few laughs.