Timm’s update may 28th

Sorry, for the rather long delay. Now for something completely different. Some of these are a bit older but none the less excellent.

Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #1 Virgin comics
Forget about the adult video industry. This story rocks! Jenna and co-author Christina Z have come up with a killer storyline and the artwork by Mukesh Singh is stunning. This is one to follow. I know I will.

Kiss Rediscovery – Dark Horse #1
I’ve always benn a huge Kiss fan, So when I saw this I knew I would own it. Mel Rubi .has drawn a masterpiece and Joe Casey has given a new voice to “The four who are one” This is Kiss for the new age. Also the introduction by Gene Simmons is excellent.

Highlander Way of the Sword – Dynamite #1
I grew up watching Connor MacCloud on the silver screen and Duncan on television. This graphic novel made me relive those moments. Old enemies and new scenes in the timeline of Connor come to life in these pages. J.T. Krul has taken the stories to the next level. Carlos Rafael has drawn astonishing artwork to compliment the storyline.