Titus Welliver to play Harry Bosch

After all these years, Harry Bosch will have a face.

Deadline is reporting that actor Titus Welliver will play Michael Connelly’s L.A. detective in the upcoming pilot. Titus has appeared in over 20 films and on such TV shows as THE GOOD WIFE, SONS OF ANARCHY and DEADWOOD.

In the books, Bosch is a homicide cop that served in Vietnam as a tunnel rat. That background plays a role in the first novel, BLACK ECHO. Bosch was orphaned at an early age when his mother, a prostitute, was murdered. Bosch has an unwavering sense of right and wrong and often clashes with authority. At age 52, Titus is too young to play a Vietnam vet, so it seems certain that that aspect of his life will disappear.

Connelly teamed with Eric Overmyer (TREME, LAW & ORDER), to write the pilot. The pair will also be Exec producers.with the two of them acting as Exec Producers and writers of the pilot.

The pilot is for Amazon Studios.