Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher: A little man stepping into big shoes?

At this moment in time, the mystery community is abuzz with the news that Tom Cruise might play Jack Reacher,a former Military police officer wanders the country and often wanders into nasty situations that requite him to pound the shit out of assorted McNasties, in the film version of ONE SHOT, the bestselling novel by Lee Child.

If you look really hard, you MIGHT find some positive comments about this. But most are less than pleased with this news. It does not have as much to do with Tom’s acting as it does his size. Tom is not what Lee describes Jack as being six foot five inches and 250 pounds…that is with Kate standing on his shoulders.

While I am not jumping for joy about this, but I am also not quite an upset as some are. Yes, the size difference is huge and I can see why fans have trouble seeing the wee Mr. Cruise as Jack, but I think size comes second after persona.

That is the bigger question: Can Tom capture Jack’s complete and utter badassness?

I am skeptical, but I will admit being surprised by his nasty turn in COLLATERAL. I sure as hell did not think he could pull that off, but he did.

In the end, I don’t think anyone has to worry. I don’t think Tom will commit to it. Taking the role will open him up to quite a bit of ribbing about his size and would almost certainly require him to talk about his size in interview after interview.

What actor wants to spend all of his time depending his toughness and telling folks that little dudes can kick ass too?