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Tom Selleck’s BLUE BLOODS gets a pair of producers.

BLUE BLOODS, the upcoming Tom Selleck police drama, has added two people to the production staff.

Deadline is reporting that Fred Keller (THE PRETENDER, 24)has agreed to come on board as producer & director, while Linda Gase (Standoff, The District) will be a consulting producer.

Keller has a long, rich history in television, having directed episodes of over twenty shows including NUMB3RS, ANGEL and JUSTIFIED as well as being a producer on WINDFALL, BOOMTOWN and THE PRETENDER. He came to BB to direct an episode and apparenty made an impact.

Linda Gase’s resume includes time as a producer for STANDOFF, CROSSING JORDAN and THE DISTRICT as well as being an editor and writer for ER.

They fill the gap left by the ousting of Ken Sanzel. CBS had persuded Sanzel to become Exec producer, but constant clashes with Selleck led to him leaving the show.