Numb3rs will see a regular depart for good

So this weeks episode of Numb3rs will see one of the regulars leave the show.

TV Guide has reported that Diane Farr (Megan Reeves) will be leaving the series. This Friday’s episode, the season four finale, will be her last.

Farr joined Numb3rs at the start of season two. She filled the void left by the departure of Sabrina Lloyd towards the end of season one.

Tonight’s episode, the finale for the fourth season is entitled When Worlds Collide.

“In the fourth-season finale, Megan leaves the team in the face of a crisis, and Don and Charlie investigate a national-security case that causes them to confront their opposing beliefs when one of Charlie’s colleagues is arrested on suspicion of being linked to a terrorist group.”

Producers are currently casting her replacement: Nikki Donati, a 27- to 35-year-old ex-LAPD officer who joins the FBI in search of a “bigger and badder” challenge. She’s described as a full-blown adrenaline junkie whose gritty street perspective makes her a great foil for her boss.

Personally, this depresses me. I enjoyed her character, especially her relationship with Peter MacNicol’s Dr. Larry Fleinhardt.

For more from Farr on her departure, and what happens to her character, check out this interview with TV Guide.