Tonight, Season four of WHITE COLLAR Begins

White Collar returns to the U.S.A. Network this Tuesday night ( 9 PM / 8 PM Central). I’m a big fan of the show which is entering its fourth season. Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and Peter Burke (Time DeKay) make unlikely allies and terrific partners.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show Neal Caffrey is a convicted
art thief. Extremely intelligent, Neal operated for years as a legend in his world (think Robert Wagner in To Catch a Thief). Only one law
enforcement officer ever came close to catching him. More than close.
FBI agent Peter Burke put Neal behind bars. Peter ran across a case four years ago that needed a certain brand of expertise and went to Neal for help. Since arranging to have Caffrey released into his care and monitored by an ankle bracelet 24/7 the two have solved a number of high profile cases. And then there’s the treasure, unimaginable wealth that was Caffrey’s last score and has been the running subplot of the show.

The premiere picks up shortly after Neal’s narrow escape from remaining under the custodial care of the FBI. There’s now a bounty on his head and a certain government agent who’ll cut every corner trying to find him. Peter wants to get to his old partner first. In a highly entertaining season debut the chase is on… Where is Neal? Is Mozz with him? Can Peter get to him in time? What will the repercussions be for our two leads and the supporting players?

What’s always made this show work is the open book that is Peter and the man of many mysteries that is Neal trying to find a place called trust. In a tropical romp filled with the best kind of caper suspense, the team that is White Collar neatly resolves last year’s cliff-hanger and sets out to present what promises to be the strongest story line to date.

Viva Summer T.V. !

Ruth Jordan