Torchwood – Children of Earth

Mrs Crimespree and I just saw this on DVD. We knew going in that something happened towards the end thanks to a number of source ruining the surprise (like Entertainment Weekly).

We’re huge fans of Torchwood and the entire cast here at the Crimespree editorial offices. John Barrowman is so watchable and charming I can’t imagine people not loving him. The fact that he seems to truly love the character he plays really come though in his performances.

This is the third DVD set for Torchwood, though instead of a regular series (or as we call them, Season) they did five nights back to back with one story. from what I understand the original broadcast in the UK by night three had 1 out of two television sets tuned in. I didn’t bother checking numbers, but I do know the show had a lot of viewers.

The premise was terrific. At the end of the last series, Jack and Gwen and Ianto are all that’s left of Torchwood. The show opens with what seems like a typical day in the life. Jack and Ianto checking out a weird death at a hospital, Gwen starting an investigation of her own. Due to the five nights in a row, same story, we were able to se a real nice build up. Jack meets a young Dr. with Torchwood potential, and while back at the hub (home base) a strange occurrence takes place. All the children on the planet are stopped cold and are channeling messages from aliens. We soon discover the British government had dealings with these same alien back in 1965. This was also the opening flashback shot. They are referred to as the 4-5-6 and they want something.

It turns out what they want is ten percent of all children on Earth, and the government is doing everything they can to keep Torchwood out, including blowing up the Hub. With Torchwood separated and on the run it looks dire. Obviously Jack manages to come through, but the cost is high. Real high.

Something that works for Torchwood and not the government here is the fact that when you threaten the children, people will fit back to the death. This brings some fun scenes with the government deciding how to spin things.

This was a great run, and watching it all at once was the way to go, I don’t think I would have been good about waiting. The story was real tight and moved at a perfect pace. They also really fleshed out the characters. We discover that Jack has a daughter and grandson, we meet Ianto’s sister and her family and Gwen has news for Reece. (We love Reece). The controversial death in the show )I’m not saying it even though it’s been said) was a shock. but the truth is it worked and it fits in with the show’s history. Hell, only two original cast members are left! it wasn’t just to shock, it actually fits the story and brings home how serious the consequences really are.

This was sinister, sad, action packed and amazing. The ending leaves the future of more Torchwood shaky, but I sure hope they do more, I can’t get enough.

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