Tougher Sherlock Holmes coming to the big screen

Sherlock Holmes is aiming to return to a theater near you. Not that stuffy, intellectual Holmes, but rather a Holmes that is more than ready to roll up his sleeves and beat the everlovin’ snot out of wrongdoers everywhere.

Producer Lionel Wigram has written an as yet unpublished graphic novel (comic book to you heathens)featuring a more physical Sherlock Holmes, one that utilizes skills such as swordplay and boxing (the bare knuckle kind). Neil Marshall will handle directing duties. Marshall garnered critical, and box office, success for his horror flick The Descent.

Michael Johnson is writing the script.Nothing has been said as to whether they will beutilizing any of the original storylines by Doyle.

Now for the scary (at least to me) part:
The Daily Express is reporting that Russell Crowe appears to be the front-runner to play Mr. Homes.