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trade reviews Feb 4th

Harley Quinn
Preludes and Knock-Knock Jokes

I love Harley as a character, she’s funny and strong willed and a lot of fun to read. In this collection we see Harley breaking out on her own after Joker tries to pop her. She puts together her own crew, throws a party for some Femme Fables, and laughs her way throgh the whole book. Karl Kesel did a great job writing this tale and the art from Terry and Rachel Dodson rocks. Not all comics need to be angst and dark thoughts and self examination, sometimes is enough to be fun.
Collects Harley Quinn 1-7.


I was a bit surprised when I first saw Midnighter solo, but after erading for a while it bacem obvious that it was mean to be. The book opens up with the continuation of his aatempt to lead a bit more normal of a life, though its obvious this won’t work. When an assassin come gunning for him its all he can do to keep one step ahead. he ultimately leaves town and heads back to the carrier, but not before doing a little down and dirt job for a government spook on a space station.
High action with a load of violence and wise cracks though out this is not a self reflecting kind of book. its all action all the time, and it rocks because of that.
Written by Keith Giffen, who was obviously having a lot of fun, and illustrated by Lee Garret and Rick Burchett. Looking for the meaning of life? Not here. Looking for some great action and a big grin while reading, get this book.

Saga of the Swamp Thing Book One Hardcover

Well, right about now the whole world is going crazy for Watchmen, and well they should, it is a terrific book. But way back when a relative newcomer named Alan Moore was offered a chance to write an American book called Saga of Swamp Thing.His first run has been reprinted in a amazing looking hardcover edition covering issues 20-27.

The story is monumental in the course of what was in store for the character. Sunderland Corp hires Jason Woodrue to explore the remains of the swamp creature and he makes some startling discoveries. Alec Holland is truly dead and the creature is not Holland, he only has phantom memories. Boasting cameos from the JLA and The Demon at the time was most likely done to boost sales, but looking back it is still clear who the star was. Dancing on the fringe of sanity this is gothic story telling at it’s best.

Moore took Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson’s character and completely redefined who and what he was. And it was done with editor Wein’s approval. What Moore did was revolutionary in comics and it had not been done on this scale. he took what was originally a horror comic and changed it into a human drama that covered society, the environment and the nature of who we are. it was a milestone because this type of writing really had not been done on this scale at a major house before.
This first story arc by Moore is amazing and it is one that will be read repeatedly by many. The artwork by Stephen Bissette, John Totleben, Dan Day and Rick Veitch is haunting and hypnotizing.
This is a historic book and all comics fans should own it.