Trailer for season (& likely series) finale of NUMB3RS, with the return of Edgerton.

After Charlie and Amita get married and begin preparations for their London adventure, they put a slight hold on their wedded bliss when they assist the team in helping Don track down the whereabouts of his gun after it goes missing, on the sixth season finale of NUMB3RS, Friday, March 12 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Lou Diamond Phillips returns as Agent Ian Edgerton.

This is going to hurt. Over the course of six seasons, NUMB3RS has become a favorite show of mine. The writers, and cast, have developed a television family that feels genuine and has evolved and matured. Anyone that has written this off as a gimicky procedural needs to watch this.

While no officialy word has come, it seems almost a lock that this is the last time we will see a new episode of NUMB3RS. I hope I am wrong and they return for a seventh season. But I shall savor this season finale like no other since that of THE WIRE.