Trailer, premiere date for USA’s SHOOTER

The USA Network has set July 17th for the premiere of SHOOTER, the new series based on Stephen Hunter‘s POINT OF IMPACT, but will also be drawing from Mark Wahlberg (also a series executive producer)’s film of the same name (also based on Hunter’s book).

Shooter follows the courageous journey of Bobbie Le Swagger, a highly-decorated ex-marine sniper living in exile who is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to kill the president. Omar Epps (“House”) plays Isaac Johnson, an ex-Marine and former commanding officer of Swagger. Now a Secret Service Agent, he solicits Swagger’s expertise for a clandestine operation that has disastrous results.

Hunter has written nine novels featuring Swagger, so the network has a lot of material to draw from, should the series continue past the first season.