Trailer, release info for John Connolly’s THE NEW DAUGHTER.

A year and a half after the completion of filming, THE NEW DAUGHTER will see the light of day. The film, based on a John Connolly short story, has now signed a home entertainment deal with Anchor Bay and will be released, on DVD and Blu-ray, on May 18th.

Kevin Costner plays John James. James has moved to a small farm, with his two children. Upon moving into their new home, John notices increasing odd behavior from his daughter Louisa. John becomes convinced that this behavior is linked to a strange mound in a nearby field.

Louisa is played by Ivana Baquero. Ivana earned considerable praise for her performance in Pan’s Labyrinth. This is her first English language film.

Both versions will contain commentary by director Luis Berdejo, deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes featurette and the trailer. The DVD will retail for $29.98 , with the Blu-Ray running $34.98.

Here is the trailer: