Trailer & web site for David Simon’s Generation Kill online.

On July 13th, David Simon’s first post-Wire project, Generation Kill, will debut on HBO.

GK is based on the book of the same name by Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright. Wright spent two months with the Marines, in Iraq, in 2003.

Generation Kill gives a candid, gritty and vivid account of the Iraq war – aka “Operation Iraqi Freedom” – from the U.S. Marines who rode alongside Evan Wright, an embedded journalist working for Rolling Stone magazine. The marines of Bravo Company face the challenges of overzealous commanding officers, ever-changing rules of engagement, a cryptic combat strategy and severe deficiencies in necessary armour — and the reality that their actions can directly and tragically affect the Iraqi citizens who they are there, in part, to protect.

After spending two months in 2003 embedded with Bravo Company, writer and consulting producer Evan Wright wrote a series of articles for Rolling Stone magazine. Recognized as some of the best examples of war reporting on the current conflict in Iraq, the articles became the basis of the 2004 book Generation Kill, which won a PEN USA Literary Award and the Los Angeles Times Book Award..

Generation Kill is produced by the award-winning team led by David Simon and Ed Burns, the creative forces behind HBO’s critically acclaimed series The Wire. The miniseries introduces an ensemble cast including Alexander Skarsgard, James Ransone, Lee Tergesen, Rey Valentin and Bully Lush, and also features performances from Rudy Reyes, Eric Kocher and Jeffrey Carisalez, several of the First Recon Marines profiled in Wright’s book.

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