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Travolta thinks Butch/Sundance remake is "not a bad idea"…he is wrong.

“Someone came up with a good idea – it was a remake of ‘Butch Cassidy and The
Sundance Kid’ – and there was a rumor that we were gonna do that, and I said to
Tom, ‘It’s not a terrible rumor, it’s not a bad idea,'”

That came from John Travolta. John thought BATTLEFIELD EARTH and SWORDFISH were good ideas as well.

Let me put this bluntly:
Leave it alone! Not only is it a classic with a great script, but the chemistry between Newman and Redford can not be recreated. To try is only going to
A) Humiliate them
B) Tarnish our memories
C) Inflict pain and suffering on us that would likely get them in trouble with many Human Rights organizations.

That any sober person likes this idea scares me. Is there anyway to make sure these folks don’t breed?