TREME renewed!

Well, it looks like folks know a good thing when they see it.

After just one episode was aired, HBO ordered a second season of TREME.

What took them so long? They should have given David Simon a sloppy kiss and ordered a few more after just seeing the existing episodes.

But they opted to wait and at least see how the pilot did. It did well, drawing 1.4 million viewers in multiple airings. This is the kind of show that makes HBO worth the monthly fee. I don’t watch too many of the films (I have them on BD and DVD in a library that, along with my books, may soon push the washer and dryer out the basement.) so it is really the series that keep me forking out the moolah. And TREME, like THE WIRE before it, will keep HBO in the Lynch abode for sometime.

HBO pres Michael Lobardo made the following comments to THR:

“We would have picked up this show last week. “We’ve seen the first nine episodes it’s as strong as any show we’ve seen. Much like ‘The Wire,’ the audience is so passionate and so invested. We’re about servicing our subscriber base and I believe that people will become addicted to this show. We have to be a place where this kind of excellence is giving space to continue.”

Hey Mike, any chance you can send those nine over here?

Treme airs every Sunday night, at 9pm CST, on HBO.