TREME: Season Two Comes Home in April

TREME: The Complete Second Season will be released, on DVD and Blu-ray, on April 17th.

It’s now 14 months post-Katrina and residents of the Crescent City are finding it harder than ever to rebuild their lives, much less hold on to their special cultural and musical identity. Some have left to become expatriates in places like New York City; others have been forced to sell their homes to outside developers. Those who remain cope with high crime levels and dwindling federal support. Still, the proud, even defiant spirit that defines the city lingers among its faithful inhabitants.

Extras include:
• “Down in the Treme: A Look at the Music and Culture of New Orleans” (BD only) – Learn more about New
Orleans’ unique culture including its music, cuisine and landmarks with this in-episode viewing mode.
• “The Music of Treme” – Discover more about the songs featured throughout the series with this in-episode
viewing mode. The BD features an enhanced, interactive version of this feature.
• “Behind Treme: Food For Thought” – New Orleans chefs and restaurateurs John Besh and Alon Shaya discuss
local cuisine and its importance to the cultural tradition of the city.
• “Behind Treme: Clarke Peters & the Mardi Gras Indians” – Actor Clarke Peters (Albert Lambreaux) and Mardi
Gradi Indian Chief Otto DeJean (George Cotrell) discuss the rich tradition of the Mardi Gras Indian in New
• “The Art of Treme” – A Tulane University symposium dedicated to Treme featuring David Simon, Eric Overmyer
and Clarke Peters.
• Music commentaries – Every episode features commentary by WBGO’s Josh Jackson and NPR Music’s Patrick
Jarenwattananon on select music performances.
• Audio commentaries – Four commentaries with David Simon, executive producer Nina Kostroff Noble,
supervising producer/director Anthony Hemingway, director Brad Anderson, writer George Pelecanos, music
supervisor Blake Leyh and cast members Clarke Peters, Rob Brown, Kim Dickens, Lucia Micarelli and Wendell

MSRP: $59.99 (DVD) and $79.98 (Blu-ray).