TRINITY Volume 2

From DC Comics Trinity Volume 2 (trade collection) is loads of fun. Kurt Busiek’s story is ambitious and as far as I’m concerned he’s pulling it. At the end of Volume 1 the three Trinity members, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman have been erased by Morgana and the anti matter Riddler. But the spell is off a bit and the world is not transformed quite to their liking. They take measures to fix this.
Meanwhile people who new the big three are starting to recollect and they eventually band together to find what’s missing in their lives.

Filled with all sorts of other elseworld like goodness and plenty of magic and action scenes to die for I have to say I’m loving this. it reminds me of the first few big crossovers I read way back before I could drive.

Mark Bagley is kicking ass on the art and I love the alternate version of the costumes he’s come up with. He also does wonderful group scenes and each setting has it’s own mood.

Trinity is one of my favorite books to come out in trade this year and I can’t wait for volume 3.

Books like Trinity keeps reading comics fun.

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