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Twas The Week Before Christmas

and all though our house
every creature is stirring
of that have no doubt

What happened to 2005
Where has it gone?
It just started last week and now it’s out.

This year has flown by in flurry of days leaving behind a blur of memories. Everytime I get a copy of Crimespree off to th printre it seems like another deadline is on me, Instead of our usual slowdown at Jordan Machinery we are getting busier and I’m working more. We have had more snow this winter already than we did all of last winter. I’m just starting to think about shopping and the big day is only a week away!

We did a lot this year. Two trips to Baltimore for me, three for Ruth. We went to New York, Chicago three times, Omaha, Munster Indiana. Muncie Indiana and a couple other places that escape me at the moment.

We’ve had ups and downs. Jennifer got her first check for writing. The magazine keeps doing better and better. THe family business id picking up and Ruth got a promotion.

And though my Dad was really doing poorly for quite a while, things are looking a bit up again. Fingers crossed.

It looks like we might have a weekend all to ourselves in about three weeks. This will be one of four this year. No complaints because we had a wonderful time with everyone we saw and did things with. But boy, we sure seems to be spending a lot less time doing nothing.

We did see Aerosmith the other night. That was really great. Rick Neilson from Cheap Trick joined them on stage for a song. In the Dictionary under Rock and Roll it should say “play Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith”.

Ok, I’m off to drop off Ruth, go to work, run to the bank, the post office and then shopping, pick up Ruth do more shopping then come home and clean and write some reviews…..

Must make more coffee…..