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Twin Cities residents can catch VISCOSITY at Z Fest

If you live in the Twin Cities, or are within reasonable driving distance, you can catch the premiere of VISCOSITY, the film adaptation of Jedidah Ayres’ short story.

Go to the Z Fest site for more details.

Here are Jed’s own thoughts on it:
“So, I think I’ve watched Paul von Stoetzel’s short film Viscosity a half dozen times this week. It’s some funny shit. I got the inevitable ‘Did you really write that?’ question from a slack-jawed co-worker, to which I reply – yes. No. Sort of. While there are several lines taken directly from my unattributed dialogue-only short story of the same name from Out of the Gutter #6, screen writer Richard Molby deserves credit for providing some structure to that thing (it’s got – no shit – three acts like a proper film instead of just being a camera circling some degenerates around a table ala Reservoir Dogs) and the performers John Lilleberg, Shad Cooper, Sam L. Landman and Brian P. Loyce did a bang up job selling the fuzzy logic of my own juvenile misadventures with pleasure (yeah, most of that shit really happened kids – and the short story’s got more – go read it) and looking at the credits – I gotta think even the PA Peter Dragovich musta contributed something to the translation. Thanks everybody.”