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Witchblade #119
Top Cow

reviewed by jo wulf

A complete turn around. This is the best way to describe the past 30-some issues. Interest in this book has skyrocketed since acclaimed veteran Ron Marz took over as writer. He started off with a major bang and hasn’t slowed down since. Witchblade has claimed her spot as the rightful cornerstone of the Top Cow Universe.
Currently in-between events, Witchblade has done a couple of mini-stories and done-in-ones but none of them have been pointless. This issue focuses on the return of forgotten character Aphrodite IV. Mostly told as a flashback, (that means Witchblade lives, kids!) Detective Sara Pezzini has to explain to her superior, who naturally doesn’t know she has the Witchblade, her encounter with Aphrodite IV, who’s been programed by evil unknown to destroy her. It’s an action packed done-in-one story and is a great jumping on point to get a feel for who Sara is.
Ron Marz has committed to the long haul on the book so he’s setting the stage for many storylines to come. Man, he is rocking this book. It’s quickly becoming one of the best book on the stands and with a new event brewing, Broken Trinity, it’s all coming to a head. And the art is gorgeous. Relative newcomer Stjepan Sejic has this beautiful digital painting technique that just makes one beg for more. As long as they’re both in this for the long haul, so is this reviewer and so should you be.

Pilot Season: Urban Myths #1
Top Cow
reviewed by jo wulf

With new, creative ideas and updated twists on old characters Pilot Season is offering one has to wonder why creator/writer Jay Faerber would want submit a book that Image is already releasing two versions of already. “Perhapnauts” and “Proof” are both about supernatural and mythological characters solving some sort of crime. Whereas “Urban Myths” is about a detective in a world where out-there characters are the norm in the world it still has the same feel and doesn’t offer anything new.
Jack Medusa is a P.I. in a world where the unreal is very real. He’s on a case to find a missing girl and it takes some extra thinking to find her. Basically it’s “Without a Trace” only with the son of Medusa in the lead role.
While there isn’t anything new here that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun book. In fact, coupled with cartoony, non-extraordinary art that gets the job done, it’s actually quite a good read. Faerber has grown as a writer over the years so it’s very accessible and easy to follow but sometimes he tries just too hard. Mostly with trying to get across that the world Jack lives in strange but normal. Every scene depicted has something like that and it’s just too much. That said, each scene looks very nice. Jorge Molina does a nice job channeling Randy Green, Stephano Casselli and Joe Maderaera but can’t quite find his own style.
This book isn’t a must read and probably won’t win Pilot Season. If you miss it it’s no big deal but if just want a fun book to read, after you’ve read everything else in your pile, then pick up “Perhapnauts.” If you want another book after that THEN pick up “Proof.” Beyond that, give this book a shot, if you want.

Editor’s note

Jo Wulf works at my favorite comics store and reads a lot of comics. He and I don’t always see eye to eye (which I count as a plus) but when he’s excited about something and recommends it I listen. We’re happy to have him join us here.