U.S. Trailer, showtimes for Jo Nesbø’s HEADHUNTERS

Magnolia Pictures has released a U.S. trailer for Jo Nesbøs Hodejegerne (aka Jo Nesbø’s HEADHUNTERS), the acclaimed Norweigan film based on the novel of the same name.

HEADHUNTERS stars the talented Aksel Hennie (Max Manus) as Roger, a charming scoundrel and Norway’s most accomplished headhunter. Roger is living a life of luxury well beyond his means, and stealing art to subsidize his expensive lifestyle. When his beautiful gallery owner wife introduces him to a former mercenary in the possession of an extremely valuable painting, he decides to risk it all to get his hands on it, and in doing so discovers something which makes him a hunted man.

HEADHUNTERS will open in NYC and L.A. on April 27th, then expand into other markets. Here are the dates and locations:
West Los Angeles, CA: The Landmark 12
New York, NY: Sunshine Cinema 5
New York, NY: Empire 25 Theaters

Berkeley, CA: Shattuck Cinemas 10
Washington, DC: E Street Cinema
Cambridge, MA: Kendall Square Cinema 9
Philadelphia, PA: Ritz 5 Movies
Dallas, TX: Angelika Film Center and Cafe

Portland, OR: Cinema 21 Theatre
Seattle, WA: Varsity Theatre

Orinda, CA: Orinda Theater
Denver, CO: Chez Artiste
Atlanta, GA: Midtown Art Cinemas 8
Indianapolis, IN: Keystone Art Cinema 7
Royal Oak, MI: Main Art Theatre
University City, MO: Tivoli Theatre

Summit Entertainment has hired Sacha Gervasi ( ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL) to adapt the novel for a planned U.S. film. There has been talk of Mark Wahlberg starring.