UFC fighter Rampage Jackson to play B.A. in A-TEAM?

The Sun is reporting that former UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Quintin Rampage Jackson will be playing B.A. Baracus in the Joe Carnahan’s film version of THE A-TEAM.

We had previously mentioned that he had auditioned for the role, but most saw him as a long shot. Despite having little acting experience, Quintin is very charismatic and physically fits the role.

But The Sun has reported it’s share of goofy stories, including the current claim that Megan Fox is slated to play the Catwoman in the next BATMAN film. There is no script or story, casting is a good year away. This is nonsense.

One more thing that has me skeptical:
A-team is slated to film from Sept 14th through early December. Rampage recently completed filming season ten of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER and is slated to face fellow coach and former LHW champ Rashad Evans on Dec 12th. Unless they cancel that ppv, there is no way Page would be ready. All of his down time will be spent working with an acting coach (same as Randy Couture when he did the Scorpion prequel). That fight is slated to take place in Page’s hometown of Memphis. The UFC could push the fight back to early 2010, but the Dec 12th PPV would need to be moved from Mempis, I can’t see them doing good business there without Page.

We should get some confirmation/denial in the next day on this. Page certainly could add some fun to the project.

Interestingly enough, Page’s former opponent, Chuch Liddell is slated to be on the next season of DANCING WITH THE STARS. MMA fighters are making the rounds.
UPDATE: MTV proves that, once again, The Sun is full s**t. They have word from Jackson’s manager that this is totally false.