Uncanny #1 with Kate (and Dan)

::Kate and Dan are setting up for a nice summer picnic in the park. The Dog happily chewing on a toy::

D: Wow, Red. This sure is one hell of a spread. And all my favorites, too! Fried chicken, apple pie, potato salad. All my favorites! It’s like you’re… setting me… up for something. YOU’RE TOTALLY SETTING ME UP FOR SOMETHING AREN’T YOU?

K: Relax, dude. I need you fat and sleepy. Fat and HAPPY. I meant fat and HAPPY.

D: Whatever. ::hunkers down on a massive piece of chicken::

K: ::opens second picnic basket, pulls out carving knife, steak knife, cleaver, bowie knife…::

D: What’s up there, Lady Wolverine?

K: Nothing, nothing. I just need you to stand against that big ol’ tree for a sec. And here. Balance this apple on your head.

D: WHA? Like hell I will! Are you crazy, or something?! I’ve seen the Johnny Carson clip. ::covers groin with hands::

K: I spiked your chicken. You cannot resist me. Now stand against that tree.

D: ::stands against tree, weeps:: But you’ve never even thrown a knife before. I’m a goner for sure! And I never even learned to play the piano!

K: No, it’s cool. I read the first issue of UNCANNY, by Andy Diggle. See, his protagonist, Weaver, has the ability to absorb other people’s skills for a short time just by touching them. So, I’m all good.

D: ::looks aghast:: First of all, what knife throwing expert did you touch? Second, you’re not a super-human! And thirdly, THAT’S A COMIC BOOK, YOU NUTCASE!

K: ::drops knife, spears her own big toe::

D: HA! ::eats apple that was on his head::

K: But… but it works when Weaver does it…. ::whimpers::

D: Here. Have some potato salad. See, I read that comic, too. If it’s got Andy Diggle’s name on it, I’m there. The man has been turning out quality comics for years.

His protagonist, Weaver, is a con man using his ability to absorb other people’s skills to swindle them out of money. Diggle opens the book with Weaver thinking he’s got a businessman on the ropes during a poker game in Singapore. But this time the cards don’t turn in Weaver’s favor.

K: No they do not. Everything goes pear shaped from there for Weaver. He owes the businessman big money and his rented “lady friend” bolts when his credit dries up. Something tells me that their relationship wasn’t based on common values and a shared affection for Disney movies.

D: No bueno for Weaver. To make matters worse, the year he has spent in Singapore has dulled his survivor’s instinct.

::eyes picnic lunch:: In fact, I’m wondering if you gave him some of that spiked chicken like you gave me. He tries to head back to the US, but that flight never gets off the ground.

K: What’s with the Woman of Mystery that keeps following Weaver around? Think she’s a jaded lover? Baby momma?

D: No! She’s more like Agent Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D. Or she could be a messenger for a worldwide criminal organization. Or maybe she’s collecting on an overdue library book? To tell you the truth, I dunno.  It’s clear some folks know about Weaver’s skills though, and have plans for him. Good or ill, we’ll have to see.

K: This book moves fast.

D: I know.

K: Like, fastFastFAST.

D: That’s really fast.

K: I don’t like a lot of your funny books, but this one was damn cool. It played out like a Daniel Craig James Bond film. All bad guys, handsome guys, sexy chicks, and shocking fight scenes.

D: Good call, Miss Moneypenny. Let’s turn the spotlight onto artist Aaron Campbell for a minute. Campbell has been turning in impressive work for Dynamite Comics for a while now. With impressive work on Sherlock Holmes, The Shadow, and Green Hornet, it’s nice to see his detailed work on a book set in the modern day.

K: His fight scenes are just brutal. The fight scene between Weaver and the thug in his hotel room actually made me wince.

D: Agreed. With Diggle and Campbell on this book, I can’t wait to see how Weaver’s story unfolds.

K: ::starts cleaning up picnic lunch:: Hey, Malmon? Put this apple pie on your head.

D: Why would I do that?

::turns to see cleaver flying straight towards face::


P.S. We actually got to meet Andy Diggle this year in Chicago at C2E2. He told us a bit about this book, and it was clear he was very excited for it to hit the shelves. Mr. Diggle was gracious with the fans, and was quite patient with over-excited fanboys, like the (and Dan) who helps with this blog.