Unfollow, Wonder Woman and Grayson Reviewed

Vertigo Comics

Vertigo has over the years put out some amazing comics. Some of them don’t make the big splash I would expect them too and seem to fall through the cracks for some reason. I’m hoping this one really grabs people because it’s a great idea and a lot of fun.

Using the popularity of social media this story has the founder of a Twitter like network messing with people on his deathbed. Eighteen million dollars will be dived between 140 randomly picked people. If any of them die, their share goes to the survivors. Human nature being what it is of course the 140 are all on a hit list, because who wants to share when you can have it all?

Rob Williams is at the top of his game here and he makes what could be a cliché action film into an intriguing look at human nature and keeping the pace fast moving at the same time. Add the art of Mike Dowling and RM Guera and you have a beautiful book. I love the art and actually went through a second time without reading and just took in the art, which still tells an amazing tale.
If you want something fun, topical and suspenseful that keeps you guessing this is your book.

DC Comics

I’ve been enjoying this title a lot. Dick Grayson has always been one of my favorites whether he was Robin or Nightwing or Batman but Dick Grayson working for a secret spy organization is so cool. All his skills work perfectly here and it just seems a natural.

Agent 37, our hero Dick Grayson, is having problems. Someone is killing spies and framing him. He needs to get help but everyone he can trust thinks he is dead so it’s a bit awkward to say the least. But because he is who he manages to get to the bottom of what’s happening and his friends forgive him. There is loads of action as you would expect but also some real fun moments to lighten the mood. I’ve been enjoying this so much I am going to miss these adventures when Dick goes back to being Nightwing.
Tom Seeley and Tom King really seem to get who Dick is and the spy stuff is done really well. The variety of artists all did a great job bringing in the sixties feeling of old Shield comics and old Detective and Batman stuff from the early 70s while also keeping it fresh and current. A nice balancing job to be sure. The combination of tight plotting, perfect characterization and wonderful art make this a must read.

DC Comics

I’ve been reading Wonder Woman since the early 70s and while the book has had ups and downs over the years the last handful of folks on Wonder Woman have been amazing. Perez and Byrne were good, Rucka and Simone were amazing and Azzarello was a great fresh look at this iconic character. When Meredith Inch, a first time comics writer took over with art by husband David Finch I was a bit pensive going in. I know DC would put talented people on the book, but when I started reading their run I was impressed. A nice job of keeping the past in mind while making it their own.

Diana is trying to be Queen of the Amazons AND God of War at the same time and while she is good at multi tasking this is a lot to keep up with. There is another child of the Gods running around who seems to think he should be the God of War and will do whatever he needs to do to get Diana out of the way. Diana Troy is loose and trying to find her place in the world, while once a rival is she becoming an ally or does she need to be stopped? There is also a wonderful run in with Cheetah who I think has been over used in the past was perfect here, proving that Meredith Finch really get these characters. She shows Diana’s humanity while not letting us forget she’s a child of the Gods and an Amazon. David finch made every page a work of prt worthy of hanging on the wall and this collection is a fine addition to the ever growing history of our favorite Amazon.