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UNFORGETABLE to Get New Supporting Cast for Second Season

For fans of the CBS show UNFORGETABLE, things are bittersweet. The show got canceled, despite delivering solid numbers. This made fans sad. CBS then had a change of heart and ordered a 13 episode second season. Fans were happy!

Now word comes that while the show is coming back, most of the supporting cast is not.

Actress Daya Vaidya, who plays…played Nina Inara tweeted the following on July 1st:

Unforgettable fans. Thank u 4 ur support! CBS made some creative changes and the supporting cast will not be returning next season.

The next day, she followed up with:

Yea, Nina, Roe, Mike and Tanya r gone. Sad but all of us have great projects in the near future.

She went on to say that she thought Jane Curtain was also gone, but Deadline has reported that Curtain will indeed be back. Myz Lynch and I casually watched the show and both of us felt that the addition to Curtain midseason gave the show a much needed shot in the arm. She has shown a real talent for mixing humor with drama. Had the show not been brought back, I think many shows would have gone after her.

The show is expected to return in the summer of 2013. It will be interesting to see how they explain everyone disappearing.