Universal Secures Rights To Ludlum Stories

Universal likes Jason Bourne and his creator, Robert Ludlum, so much that they don’t want to share.

Uni has signed a deal with the late author’s estate that not only gives them exclusive rights to Bourne, with a fourth in the series planned, but also a first look option on all other Ludlum materials.

That they want to keep going with Bourne should be no surprise, the three films have been massive hits and have made their star, Matt Damon, a true box office star. But it is interesting to see them lock up the other materials.

Other studios currently have Ludlum projects in the pipeline. The most notable is MGM’s The Matarese Circle, which will see David Cronenberg directing and Denzel Washington starring.

This deal won’t stop the current projects, but it will allow Universal to accept or reject any other proposed Ludlum project.