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Upcoming CBS series BLUE BLOODS has power struggle behind the scenes.

Deadline is reporting that after problems with series star Tom Selleck, BLUE BLOODS executive producer Ken Sanzel has left the show.

Instead of rewriting Nicki’s story, here are the bullet points:

The Network convinced Ken to come on board after greenlighting the series. It was not his idea, but that of the network. Selleck apparently was not pleased at having Ken inserted into the production.

Selleck and Sanzel had different visions of the show. Selleck a softer, character oriented series with Ken envisioning a “compelling police procedural” instead.

Things came to a head as Selleck has been rejecting scripts.

Ken willingly agreed to leave as he actually went to CBS to see what they wanted to do about the situation.

I had heard rumors of this, but knew nothing of substance. I am totally bummed to find out that it was true and to see what happened here. Tom Selleck has proved, on the Jesse Stone telefilms, that he can still do a good job, but this does not bode well for the show.

Ken did a fantastic job with NUMB3RS, managing to mix character development with gimmick procedural. By the end of the series, I felt that the Eps family was the most interesting on on television. It became MUST SEE TV for me. I have no doubt he would have been able to showcase the personal side of the Reagans (The three generation family involved in law enforcement) and still deliver strong crime stories.

It looks like Selleck will now work to find his own show-runner, but the network will still have to OK his pick. So there should be no doubt as to who’s show it is from here on out.