Update on two Ludlum projects.

Summit Entertainment has brought Jesse Wigutow on board for THE OSTERMAN
WEEKEND. In 2007, they had Simon Kinberg on board to make his directorial
debut. At the time, the plan was for filming to start in late 07. Now, with Jesse, it is unlikely that there will be any movement until 2011.
TOW centers on John Tanner. Right before a weekend vacation with a group of old friends, a reporter tells  him that some of these friends are not who he thinks they are and can’t be trusted. The person that tells him that ends up dead and Tanner heads into the weekend totally paranoid. But just because you are paranoid does not mean that they aren’t out to get you. 

Meanwhile, MGM’s financial woes have damaged what was looking to be a killer project in THE MATARESE CIRCLE. The plan was for Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington to sray with David Cronenberg.
U.S. agent Bradly Scofield (Washington) and Russian agent Vasili Taleniekov (Cruise) have been enemies for years. Each is responsible for the death of one close to the other. When an organization of assassins, known as The Matarese, emerges, the two are forced to work together to stop the group.

That project is on hold, pending a resolution for the MGM creditors. But since the initial news, Cruise, Washington and Cronenberg have all moved on to other projects. That does not mean that they might not still work together on this, but it certainly reduces the chances of it happening.