USA Network orders Elmore Leonard based pilot from creators of NUMB3RS

This sounds good:}

The USA Network has ordered a pilot for an Elmore Leonard based series from Nick Falacci and Cheryl Heuton .  The proposed series is based on the story When the Women Come Out to Dance, the title tale from the anthology that also includes Fire In The Hole (which was the source for the FX series JUSTIFIED).  In the source story,  Colombian mail-order bride, attempting to escape her past,  that acts as a fixer in South Miami.

Falacci and Heuton were the creative forces behind NUMB3RS, the fantastic series that lasted five seasons on CBS. NUMB3RS was a gimmick based procedural that moved beyond the gimmick with excellent actors and very strong character development. Falacci and Heuton did a hell of a good job making NUMB3RS far more than the gimmick and developing a show that was one of my absolute favs.

The production company, Hypnotic (a part of  Universal Cable Productions) currently has two hits with USA’s COVERT AFFAIRS and SUITS and is attached to the proposed film based on Olen Steinhauer’s THE TOURIST.