USA Network’s Elmore Leonard Pilot Continues to Flesh Out cast.

A month ago, we found out that Bryan Greenberg and Stephanie Sigman were set to handle the lead roles in the upcoming Elmore Leonard based pilot. Now, a couple more names have been added to the mix.

Deadline has reported the addition of Amanda Schull and Colombian-born Manolo Cardona to the cast.

Bryan Greenberg (HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA) is Billy, a successful Miami businessman with political ambitions. He marries Lourdes (Stephanie Sigman), a Colombian woman who is fleeing her past. The marriage starts as one of convenience (Lourdes is looking to stay legally in the country, while Bryan eyes political office and feels a latin wife would could help his chances) develops into something deeper. Lourdes proves quite adept at handling problems that arise and becomes sort of a fixer for her husband’s career.

Manolo Cardona is playing Andres Varges, a PolySci professor with a dark past. Lourdes knew Manolo back in Colombia (he was Columbian military intelligence) and seeks his advice on political matters. Schull is a former sweetheart of Billy’s that is the wife of the Miami district attorney. Schull has appeared on over a dozen TV series (recurring on ONE TREE HILL and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) while Manolo will be making his U.S. debut. He has had considerable success in Latin America.

The series is based on the story When the Women Come Out to Dance, the title tale from the anthology that also includes Fire In The Hole (which was the source for the FX series JUSTIFIED). NickFalacci and Cheryl Heuton, the producers, were the creative forces behind NUMB3RS, the fantastic series that lasted five seasons on CBS. They took a gimmicky premise and made a series that was not just entertaining, but had a strong cast of characters that evolved as the series went on. I think the idea of them tackling the work of Leonard is inspired.

Pre-production is currently underway, with filming beginning in mid January.