Vince Flynn movie news: New title (AMERICAN ASSASSIN) has new director (Jeffrey Nachmanoff)

Four years ago, Vince Flynn signed a mulit-media deal with The CBS corporation that would see him stay with Simon & Schuster for publishing while the newly formed CBS pictures would handle films based on his books.

Initially, CONSENT TO KILL was picked as a starting point and Antoine Fuqua (TRAINING DAY, SHOOTER) was slated to direct. Flynn himself was pleased and it seemed as though the project was getting off the ground.

But years have gone by with no movement.

According to Deadline, AMERICAN ASSASSIN has replaced CONSENT TO KILL and Jeffrey Nachmanoff is expected to direct. AA is the eleventh Mitch Rapp novel to be published, but is the first chronologically speaking as it takes place before Rapp became a CIA operative.

Nachmanoff has two films (HOLLYWOOD PALMS, TRAITOR) under his directing belt and also wrote the screenplay for the brutally bad THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and for LAST STAND, the upcoming Arnold Schwartzenegger film. In addition, he has done some TV with HOMELAND And the under-rated DETROIT 1-8-7.