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Wahlberg had "different creative ideas" than Scorsese.

Wahlberg: “I Had Problems with Scorsese”
Mark Wahlberg found it difficult working alongside Martin Scorsese on The Departed as the pair were “constantly struggling” with one another. The actor admits it was a harrowing experience behind the scenes of the Oscar-winning movie, because he had different creative ideas from the director. He says, “Marty and I were constantly in this struggle. I had problems with Marty. He was ‘I’m Martin Scorsese… da-dee-da.’ He was pushing me in different ways.” And the star admits playing the role of foul-mouthed cop Sergeant Dignam – which earned him a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination – caused him to take his frustration out on the rest of the cast. Wahlberg adds, “But it wasn’t just Marty. The whole time I was in the character so I was mad at everybody. It was Leo (DiCaprio), Matt (Damon) and Jack (Nicholson). F**k Jack too. We were able to laugh about it afterwards and we have a great relationship now and we’re going to do other stuff in the future.”

From Randy:

A. You’re Marky Mark
B. He is Martin F’n Scorsese

Even if he plays the “I’m Martin Scorsese” card, the fact is …he IS Martin Scorsese! … and you’re a guy LUCKY to be making movies!