Walter Mosley confirms return to Easy Rawlins, may revisit Fearless Jones as well

On NPR’s Talk of the Nation, Walter Mosley announced that he will be writing another Easy Rawlins. The book, entitled LITTLE GREEN, will come out in 2013. Rawlins debuted in 1990 in Mosley’s acclaimed debut novel, DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS and appeared in nine additional novels and one collection of stories. He also made it to the big screen with Denzel Washington playing him in the film of Devil in a Blue Dress.

Mosley also talked about Fearless Jones. At this point, Jones is being developed for television. TNT has ordered a pilot screenplay based on the Fearless books. Felicia D. Henderson is in the process of adapting Mosley’s novels. Henderson has worked on a number of shows, including SOUL FOOD and FRINGE, writing, directing and producing. She will be both a writer and producer (along with Mosley and John Wells) for the proposed Jones series.

Mosley said that if TNT orders a season, he will write another Jones novel. Fearless Jones is featured in three books: FEARLESS JONES, FEAR ITSELF and FEAR OF THE DARK.

If Jones lands on TNT, he will be the third Mosley character to make the jump to Hollywood. In addition to Washington playing Rawlins, Laurence Fishburne played Socrates Fortlow in HBO’s telefilm ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, ALWAYS OUTGUNNED.

At this time, a television series of Easy Rawlins is in development at NBC, and HBO is eyeing one with P.I. Leonid McGill.