Warner Brothers buys David Morrell’s The Brotherhood of the Rose.

David Morell is best known as the author of First Blood, the novel that gave birth to the character John Rambo. First Blood was made into a film, with Stylvester Stallone making the Vietnam vet an American Icon of the 80s. John Rambo was a perfect fit for the Reagan era.

Now another of his novels has been optioned for the big screen. Warner Brothers has purchased the rights to The Brotherhood of the Rose.

TBotR tells the story of about a pair of orphans raised by a CIA operative. The Operative trains them to be assassins. Wow, the child psychologists would have a field day with that situation. Actually, this sounds like it could be a Geraldo Rivera special..or maybe Nancy Grace (don’t get me started on that she-clown).

Anyway, since this is a novel, there has to be conflict. In this case, the pair of hunters become the hunted.

The Brotherhood of the Rose was made into a television mini-series, for NBC, in 1989. It started Robert Mitchum, Connie Sellecca and Peter Strauss.

Warner Brothers has signed Adan Cozad to write the screenplay.

Morrell is a very talented writer that has spun some fantastic yarns. Good to see more of his work get a shot in Hollywood.