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Watch 8 minutes of Live Free or Die Hard.

June 27th, the release date for Live Free or Die Hard, is fast approaching.

If you are wondering what to expect from the fourth installment in the Die Hard series, click here to watch eight minutes of Live Free of Die Hard.

This time around evil, greedy criminal mastermind Greg (Timothy Olyphant) has decided to attack the Nation’s computer infrastructure. It just so happens that Mr. John McClane (Bruce Willis) is around. This is, of course, bad news for Greg. We all know that Mr. McClane has a history of screwing up the plans of evil, greedy criminal masterminds.Live Free or Die Hard also stars Jeffery Wright (Syriana, Casino Royale), Maggie Q (Rush Hour 2, Mission Impossible III) and Justin Long (Plays the Mac computer in the Apple ads).

Click here to go to Live Free or Die Hard website.