I have been talking about TREME for a good year and a half. One would be hard pressed to find a louder mouth about it.

But if everything I have said still has not convinced you to mark April 11th on your calendar, then watch MAKING TREME and listen to what the crew and cast have to say.

Now I have only seen the first ep, but I truly believe this is the next great television drama.

Making Of

If watching it on your computer is not what you want, catch MAKING TREME, on HBO adn HBO2, on the following days and times:

Thu 3/18 10:30-11:00pm HBO
Sun 3/21 6:00-6:15pm HBO
Sun 3/21 10:45-11:00pm HBO2
Tue 3/23 12:00-12:15am HBO
Tue 3/23 9:45-10:00pm HBO2
Wed 3/24 5:45-6:00am HBOSIG
Fri 3/26 1:45-2:00pm HBO2
Fri 3/26 10:45-11:00pm HBO2
Sat 3/27 2:45-3:00pm HBO
Sun 3/28 3:30-3:45am HBO
Tue 3/30 6:00-6:15am HBO
Wed 3/31 12:05-12:20am HBO
Thu 4/1 9:45-10:00am HBO2