We know Scorsese and DiCaprio, but here is a look at the work of Shutter Island screenwriter.

As previously posted, Dennis Lehane’s 2003 novel Shutter Island is going to be made into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio with Martin Scorsese directing.

I mentioned some concern about the person handling the screenplay.

So I thought a look at Laeta Kalogridis was in order.

She was the creator of Birds of Prey, the comic series featuring The Huntress as well as the former Batgirl Barbara Gordon. It lasted 13 episodes.

She then co-wrote the very cool fantasy/thriller Night Watch. It is a russia film about the battle between the forces of light and dark.

Next up was Alexander. Now I will concede that Alexander was a big enough turkey that there is enough blame to go around to all involved. I could fill up this space with many jokes, but I will refrain and simply say that THE MOVIE SUCKED! It was nominated for Six Razzies including Worst screenplay.

2007 has seen her Executive produce, as well as write some of, The Bionic Woman. She also wrote Pathfinder, which got the crap kicked out of it by critics.

She is working with James Cameron on a couple of projects, including Battle Angel. BA is about a female cyborg in the 26th century.

Other projects include Darksiders in which an FBI agent teams up with vampires.

I know she has written at least one draft of Wonder Woman.

She might indeed do a killer job and deliver a script that has all of the intelligence and magic of the novel, but her background does not suggest that. It does suggest that SI may end up being written as a rather simple gothic thriller that could end up being more than a tad cheesy.

Quite frankly, the novel deserves better than that.

Let us keep our fingers crossed.