WEINER Reviewed

Written and Directed by John Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg

Anthony Weiner was an up and coming Congressman from New York City when he was literally caught with his pants down texting and sexting his genitals to women. He was one of the original politicians whose apology and subsequent resignation was filmed with his wife standing by his side. In his case, his wife, Huma Abedin was a top-ranking figure in the Hillary Clinton office, which complicates the film nicely. The film picks up when Weiner decides to make a run for the empty mayoral seat in 2013. It follows him throughout the campaign, its ups and downs, and subsequent revelations.

When I first exited the film my immediate thought was Weiner’s need to expose himself extended well beyond his penis. So eager was he for an audience, he had duped me into buying a ticket to watch it. And he had also duped the filmmakers into abetting his sickness. There is an argument to be made on this issue, but I finally has to ask myself if this had been a fictional story would I have felt it unworthy of viewing. And when the answer was no, I had to credit the film and director for doing a good job. I may never understand why Abedin stuck by him nor why Weiner needed to engage in such activity again, but seeing this documentary is worth your time. I would compare it to CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS.

Patti Abbott
Patricia Abbott is the author of CONCRETE ANGEL (a 2016 Anthony nominee) and SHOT IN DETROIT, June 2016 (Polis Books). More than 150 of her stories have appeared in print or online. Many of these stories are collected in MONKEY JUSTICE and HOME INVASION (Snubnose Press). She hosts a look at Forgotten Books every Friday with readers, writers and reviewers at pattinase.blogspot.com. She hopes you’ll join in.