Best Comics You’ve Never Heard Of:  Welcome to Tranquility v.1
Writer: Gail Simone
Art: Neil Googe
If you haven’t noticed by now, the name Gail Simone is synonymous with high art and quality comics. Going back to one of her woefully underappreciated series we’re going to take a look at a little, lovely, and brilliant book known as “Welcome to Tranquility.”

Unlike in comics, people get old. Super heroes get old. But where do those costumed characters go when they reach that age? When their minds start to go who will watch out for them? In the Wildstorm Universe they go to a serene town called Tranquility. It’s just a nice place that happens to be inhabited by people with powers. As well as the second and third generation, some with abilities, some just trying to get by working at fast foods restaurants, and some both.
One of those fast food restaurants’ becomes the site of a clash of generations where one of the classics ends up dead. Mr. Articulate has been stabbed. In a community full of heroes and villains, egos and grudges that have lasted lifetimes, who isn’t a suspect? Sheriff “Tommy” Lindo has to figure that out. Everyone is connected somehow. What had Mr. Articulate done to deserve to be murdered? His demeanor put a lot of people off but there had to be something that pushed someone over the edge. Or maybe something in his illustrious past caused the push. Lindo has a lot to go through and none of it can be good.

As previously stated Gail Simone is a comic’s god. Tranquility lasted 12 issues and the quality only rose with every issue. Her community was exactly what it should be. She created these real people with powers. People that had lost their fanfare but weren’t useless. It’s her ability to craft these people that pulls you in, to care about what’s happening. Their lives, as they are now, in this small town, are important. The mystery that is built is stands on the believability of the residents of Tranquility. And we all believe. Of course, Simone surrounds herself with talent like the amazing Neil Goose. His art stands out and delivers all the right moves. If nothing, it can be seen in the designs of the characters to their younger selves.

It might be difficult to find this series but it’s more than worth your time. And once it’s over you’ll want more. And a TV series. To last forever and ever. That’s the power Simone has with words.

Jo Schmidt