West out, new Jack Taylor named.

A while back, I reported that Dominic West (THE WIRE) was going to play Jack Taylor in the U.K. television series of Ken Bruen’s THE GUARDS.

Sadly, West ultimately had to pull out. It was not a major shock because we had rec’d a few anonymous comments disputing it. He had come to terms for the role, but scheduling conflicts could not be overcome.

But, a new Jack has been announced. Iain Glen will be stepping into the role of the troubled former cop. Glen has been seen on U.K. television in THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, CITY OF VICE and WIVES & DAUGHTERS. He also played Dr. Isaacs in the RESIDENT EVIL films and will soon be seen in the HBO adaptation of George Martin’s GAME OF THRONES.

Jack Taylor is an ex-cop who drinks too much and operates in the city as a private eye. When he’s asked to find a distraught mother’s missing daughter, he uncovers the seedy underbelly of Galway. He’s drawn into more intrigue by a beautiful woman ANNE and his paratrooper friend SUTTON. When an old friend of Jack’s dies under mysterious circumstances, everything he believes in begins to unravel making him question even those closest to him.

Ralph Brown (LIFE ON MARS, MEADOWLANDS, NEARLY FAMOUS) will play Sutton. Brown’s next film is Richard Curtis’ THE BOAT THE ROCKED. Also on board are Tara Breathnach (THE TUDORS) and Nora-Jane Noone (THE DESCENT, THE MAGDALENE SISTERS).

Filming began today, with Stuart Orme directing. Stuart has previously worked on INSPECTOR MORSE AND MERLIN and spent much of the 80s making music videos for the likes of Whitney Houston and Phil Collins. The screenplay was done by producer Ralph Christian, Tom Collins and Anne McCabe.

Personally, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. THE GUARDS was the book that introduced me to the fabulous words of Mr. Bruen.

THE GUARDS is just the latest of a number of film/television projects stemming from Ken’s work. The films from LONDON BLVD and BLITZ have completed shooting and ONCE WERE COPS AND TOWER have been optioned.