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Where the F&#K is Spring!??!

I’m a little sick and tired of cold and ice. I mean I love being inside and I’m not much of an outdoors kinda guy, but enough is enough! I’m ready for some damn sunlight and maybe temperatures that don’t include me wearing long underwear.On the upside I’m doing a lot of reading. I just read Peter James DEAD SIMPLE. A fun book about a boys night out gone bad. It was published in the UK first and came out here in February. It’s got a great cop in it nd I love the victim, who surprisingly isn’t a corpse at the beginning of the book.I’m now reading the Michael Connelly book CRIME BEAT. So far it’s pretty damn interesting.

And the new Simon R. Green should be out soon, SHARPER THAN A SERPENT’S TOOTH. Another tale from the Nightside. And it will have blurbs on the cover from Crimespree!

Brian Wiprud has two books coming out this fall, one on either side of Bouchercon. CROOKED comes out Aug 1st, and SLEEPS WITH FISHES comes out Oct 1st. SLEEPS WITH FISHES was originally an I universe book with a very very small run. A great book. Go Brian!

And…. I just had an interview published in a magazine from Czechoslovakia, it’s an interview I did with Jonathon King. I got a copy today along with the Czech version of his first book.

And no I can't read it..... So I hope the translation is good. Laura Lippmann became Laury Lippmanove, and Harry Bosch is Harrym Boschem. And at one point Jonathon says Sorry Kamrade. Very interesting.

Crimespree was recently written up in WISCONSIN TRAILS magazine and Ruth and I were interviewed for an upcoming issue of M Magazine. They even did a photo shoot in our room full of book.

A bonus Sean Doolittle picture from lunch at a Mexican joint called Jalisco's. Note the shrine behind him.....

Another author stopped by last week.... Steve rocks.

Michael Kortya was in town Tuesday, but the pictures are a bit dark, which is funny because that's the way Mystery One owner Richard Katz likes his books....


SO, spring is coming soon. And that means a flood of books coming and convention season.
Are you ready?
I am.