Who is coming to CW’s ARROW.

On October 9th, CW’s ARROW returns for it’s second season.

The series stars Stephen Amell as wealthy socialite Oliver Queen. Queen moonlights as the masked vigilante The Arrow (known in the comics as Green Arrow. The series is an interesting twist on the DC universe in that, like SMALLVILLE, many DC characters pop up but this universe does not feature superpowers.

The second season will feature Cynthia Addai-Robinson Cast as Amanda Waller. Superhero Hype described Waller as a Nick Fury type character, but more sinister. She works for ARGUS in the series and will also run the Suicide Squad in the comic books, a government sanctioned group composed of villains. The Suicide Squad appears when the returning Deadshot (returning guest star Michael Rowe) teams up with debuting Bronze Tiger (Michael Jae White).

Also debuting this season are Caity Lotz as Black Canary, Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood and Bex Taylor-Klaus as Sin.